The temple was located on the Riverside of Bhavani with its blooming natural beauty .the temple is fully covered with trees and herbs. the word "Thiri "means three i.e, it represents the Eicha,Giriya and Knana Sakthi.or we can also say it as Thamus,Rajas, Sathavagunakalai Udayaval .

Here the god Shiva named as "AthmaLinga" which represents 'Paramaathma'(which means the soul of Universe)who blessed the bliss of every individual soul.

Also we have the Navakirakam temple to proctect us from the good and bad rays according to their periodic cycle


Sabtharishi Poojas

It is celebrated in the month of april,where more than 500's of rare and precious herbs are collected from varies places and a big yaknaam is done for sabtharishikal in order to get their blessings.It is celebrated as three days function where yakanaam followed by the next day abisekam,arathanai,sathsakam ,thiruvelaku pooja,anaabishem and last day with ending of ceremony .Also we had a fabulous baduka's Dance . soon we will update the photos

Thuruvarishi Pooja

It is celebrated in the month of December where more precious herbs are collected and a big yakanaam is done for thuruvarishikal .Its a one day festival where abishekam, arathanai followed by yakanaam.Its a precious place to get the blessings of Rishikal


This is done at end of June or beginning of July in riverside of the temple.In arasa ellai , srichakra was drawn where mantras followed by poojas are done for the ellai and placed on the RASALINGAM.this repeated up to 1008 arasaellai with mantras and slogan and pooja ..

Gurujayanthi It is celebrated on FEB 2nd every year in SHRI THRIDEVI AMMAN ASHRAM Photo
Kudaishastri Yatra team went to Kudaishastri Mountain Photo