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10/12/2008 : Inaguration.

29/12/2008 : Our Team Members has donated food to 'oldage home' on 29-12-2008


01 /02/09 :Our Team members has planned to arrange food for 'Karunai illam'

Gurujayanthi Programs On 02/02/09 at sri thirideviamman ashram are

7.00-7.30 a.m --- Meditation

7.30-9.00 a.m ---- Breakfast

9.00-11.00 a.m ---- Japam &archanai for MANAL LINGAM

11.00-1.00 p.m ---- Satsagkam between Disciples

1.00-3.00 p.m ---- Lunch

3.00- 6.00 p.m --- Orchestra

6.00-6.30 p.m ---- Meditation

6.30-9.30 p.m --- Spritual class and Blessing from Guruji.

Thousands of our Devotes are planned to get their Blessing of our GURUJI.

YATRA TO KUDAISHASTRI MALLAI :Guruji has planned an yatra to mallai which is located in Karnataka State in Udupi district called Mookabimigai, from there a mount named as kudaishastri a holy place which is nearly about 10km from mookabimiga.Actually our visit to punivakshetram's starts from Mangaladevi temple(Mangalore), and to various places like KatiriHills(parasuraman kshetram),Kattil(durgadevi temple),Udupi(krishna temple),Chandramouliswarar temple,Anandeswarar temple,Muradeshwarar temple(a beautiful sea-shore temple),Kollur temple(in kollur we are visiting to Moogambika temple,and kudaishastri mallai ,where our yatra starts from here to kudaishastri mallai which is fully covered by deep forest area. )
On the middle of the Kudaishastrimallai we had temple for Moolamoogambika and Kaalabhairavar

temple, Also here we had a marvellous stonepillar sculputure for 30 feet height, On the Backside to Moolamoogambika we had the Kamandala theerdha and Nagatheerdha,Agatiyar theertha.Then after to that we have caves for making thavas, Moolaganapathy cave where only four members can stayin that cave.On the top of the mallai we had place named as Sarvayagna beedam,also called as dhakshina beeda boomi(this is also one of the holy places where adishankar made his thavasu known from some vedic books, and here nearly 10 members can stay ),near to that deep forest named as Ambalvanam stepping down from the top of mallai,next mount named as Easanyamalai ,where a big cave named as 'CHITRAMOOLA GUHA' was situated with full of magnetic energy and power rays and where 50 members can stay at a time inside this cave. Then there was small waterfall named as 'Panneeraruvi'which is very fabulous with natural scenaries and powerful theertha which cures many of our skin problem by just having a snanam and blessing of god's grace.Next on the northwest of the mount there is Harishanagundatheertham which is one of the another puniya theertham just by having a snanam here all our karmas are changed by the blessing of ambal(mookamibigai amman) and on the south east of this mallai there is also another puniyatheertham called govindatheertham(no words to express the feelings just make a chance to visit these puniya kshetrams).totally there are 108 theertha's are there in the mallai and only few of them are identified,and most of them had no route.

(if you like to join in the Yatra please enroll your name and address to the committe atleast 2 days before )

enroll your name

13/03/2009:Visit to Velligri mount


07/05/2009:Thiridevi Pooja Festivals Starts by Sakthi azhipu


08/05/2009:Sabtharishi yakam Poojas


09/05/2009: Mahalakshmi Pooja, Anna abishekam, Vidhya Pooja Satsangam followed.....


1/10/2009: Sri Matha Pooja was celebrated at Shri Thiridevi Amman Ashram


15/11/2009: Medical Camp at Kendayapalayam (situated near karamadai),Coimbatore dist


24/11/2009 - 4/12/2009:Sri Matha Gurupriya and Devotes visit from Gayathiri Madam Kollur to Sri Thiridevi Amman Ashram

1/2/2013: Guru Jayanthi Vizha

8:30 -10.30 a.m ----Donating Food to Oldage Home

2/2/2013: Gurujayanthi Function

7.00-7.30 a.m --- Meditation

7.30-8.00 a.m ---- Breakfast

8.00-10.00 a.m ---- Japam &archanai for LINGAM

10.00-12.00 p.m ---- Satsagkam between Disciples

12.00-2.00 p.m ---- Lunch

4.00-5.00 p.m ---- RasaLinga Abishekam

6.00-10.00 p.m --- Spritual class and Blessing from Guruji.